Wordless Wednesday 8/17


JCPS School assignment update….

As you know we moved this past month to a rental home SUPER close to Johns work. Which meant we had to re-register the kids for school. We did, and it gave me true hope that maybe, just maybe the kids might get into their resides school. I patiently waited the expected 2 days to see what school the schools had chosen for my kids. Once again I was extremely upset to find out that the kids were assigned to a school that is 25+ minutes away, which means another 3 hour a day bus ride.

As you can imagine I FREAKED. Actually, I more than freaked. Me and my husband prompted headed to the student assignment building. The place that I spent a lot of my time the first 2 years we were here, fighting to get my kids out of the downtown school. Speaking to the highest up people only to have them say “sorry we can’t do anything”.

This time when we headed in the office I told John he’s going to have to speak as I have nothing nice to say anymore. I filed out the forms and waited to speak with the director. Our conversation with him was very promising, however I didn’t let my hopes get up, I did that the last two years. He told us to give him a few days. I gave him 3, and called him. I was upset that when I called the number he gave me it just went to a receptionist… then RING! the phone… and it was him. Informing me the kids got into our second pick school (2 miles away from our home) Know what that means?!?!


In fact- theres no bus even available for our kids at this school!!! I couldn’t be happier- 3 years of fighting paid off. As much as I hate to say it, I think it was mostly due to John coming with me this time. Finally a good school!

What’s for Lunch 5/22

Tomorrow the boys are going to Holiday World with school so Jayde was the only one who needed a lunch. So she picked out all of her favorite things. Bear with us, these are our first tries at bento style boxes. So far the kids adore them!

She picked bananna and Nutella sandwich wraps, naturally with little swords holding them together.Strawberries, celery (she didnt want anything to dip it in) cheese chunks, and peanut bar. With a fruitable for drink.

Im super shocked the closest thing to junk food she chose was the peanut bar, and she wasnt super interested in it.