Ten on Tuesday 9/13

Im joining in on Ten on Tuesday with Linnys Vault.

1. Both kids got in trouble at school, Jayde got in trouble for poking her friends lunch box (um, ok), and Ethan got in trouble for playing with his eraser and talking in class. We spent the entire night dealing with them fussing about being punished for being bad in school.

2. Were already decorating for Halloween. Don’t even tell me I’m nuts I got the go ahead from my twitter friends , its totally normal to decorate this early in advance.

3. Last night I cooked two dinners. One normal sized, 2 lbs of chicken. Followed by me cooking 4 more pounds of chicken because John and the kids were raving about how good it was and how they wanted more.

4. If one of the kids sneezes without covering their mouth I’m going to lose it. Sneezes make me want to gag!

5. I started another blog today- I’m not sure how comfortable I feel with openly sharing it just yet.

6. I’ve picked up my phone at least 5 times today when I got a text alert, thinking it was mom. It wasn’t.

7. Tomorrow morning I go to see the ear nose and throat specialist to get the results of some of the tests from last week. I’m hoping he found something so that I can get some relief from this constant dizziness.

8. I discovered that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maroon 5. Have you heard their new cd? A-freaking-mazing! Everyone around the house is singing it, cute- but sometimes a bit much.

9. Tomorrow its supposed to storm, and I can’t wait. I was to just sit on the front porch and listen to the rain fall.

10. I miss my mom.


Little hands.

Today walking away from the school- my oldest (he’s 10.5) grabbed my hand smiled and started to tell me about his day. Naturally I thought ok, he forgot were at school. That is until I hear someone yell “CHANDLER!!” it was his friend. Yep- he yanked his hand away to wave at his friend. I thought to myself, darn I knew it. Then he grabbed it again! Can you believe it. This must be some sign that Im still cool right?

My 8 year old is even hesitant to show affection at school anymore- so I assumed that my oldest would feel the same way. Guess not. So if it was a fluke- or if he meant to do it, it still made my day.

Epic Apps! 5/22

Recently I upgraded from an Android phone to and iPhone. Naturally I absolutely adore it, in fact it never leaves my side… which means I’m ALWAYS looking for new awesome apps,and it would be completely unfair of me not to share these incredibly epic apps with you guys!

This weeks EPIC APP is iRewardChart . My kids are big on rewards and logging their progress. Naturally an app for that was essential. I found a few that I liked- but iRewardChart had all the features I wanted.

For example I can add a chart for each child, and personalize it for each child so its easy to use. I gave them simple tasks that they already do like “brush teeth”.. to things that are apparently more complex for kids their age like “no talking back”. Its really simple to give the child stars just by tapping the screen.

The stars add up and the child can choose to redeem their “balance” for either preset rewards.. or custom rewards that you chose. Some of the custom ones we listed were book of choice for 40 stars and new video game for 150 stars. I’m still tweaking the rewards, so I’m sure I’ll be adding many many more. But like I said- so far they adore it… and it’s been resulting in great behavior from them. Over all the ease of use and basic idea is a huge win for us. We all ❤ it. If your a parent you NEED this app!

The paid version is ad free and you can add as many children as you’d like. Best part? Its only $3.99 (I love my free apps but this one is really worth the money) if you don’t want to fork over the money just yet and want to give it a go for free- they have a free version iRewardChart lite.

If you happen to have a problem or question about the app they are readily available on both twitter and facebook.