And if they WERE gay?

So I know Im a little late writing about this, but I wanted to try and view this from ALL angles. After much thought, I don’t get what the big deal is.(This article is what Im talking about) If they WERE gay, and WERE to get married on Sesame Street, there is nothing more than “because they love each other” needed to be explained by parents to the children if they ask. IF more children where introduced to it younger, and in a positive way, I feel there would be ALOT less hate.

While I understand the parents wanting to speak to their children about this topic before sesame street does, I get that, but of all things in this world to be worried about your child seeing, this should be at the very very bottom of your list. They aren’t hurting anyone just showing their love.

Its NOT a huge deal. My kids saw a gay couple a few years ago in the store, and asked me about it. I explained it to them, while they had questions, mainly just “why” I was able to respond with because they love each other, and that was enough for them. They know where I stand on this. They also know that I won’t tolerate hate.

I read about this in one of my groups, almost EVERY single one started out by saying ” my brother, sister, cousin, friend of a friend of a friend is gay”, how is that relevant? Who cares. We all know someone who is, that doesn’t change how Im going to view the ignorant things you say following that sentence.I knew then, I shouldn’t read it, and I didn’t thoroughly read that thread- or even respond to it. Because I am one to voice loudly if I disagree. So for the sake of friendship, I pretended it didn’t exist.

Now, I saw sesame streets response to this, that the characters have no sexual orientation. But here is a video where Elmo loves Gina, and that was “ok”, And Luis and Maria got married on the show. Why are those marriages ok? I don’t get it. I know they say Bert and Ernie aren’t getting married, but Ill tell you now… Im the first to encourage it!