Etsy Stuff that ROCKS! 5/27

This weeks take on stuff I found on Etsy that I adore!

I absolutely love The Yeti iPad Case, because, well its a Yeti case! And because if you have ever tried to find a case for any device you know its impossible to find a unique one like this. For example I never did find one for my macbook air that I love.

Well, I’m sure you know why I love this Finder Dog Treat. BECAUSE ITS AWESOME! I really should buy some for December, if they taste have as good as it looks I know she’ll love it.

This one actually isnt just for the item I adore- I had a very hard time choosing one item from this sellers shop- they all look super cute! After much browsing their shop I found this Star Calaveras T-shirt that I fell in love with.
Last but not least… something I found on etsy about a month back but totally forgot about it!

Aren’t these iCat Sunglasses to die for? I absolutely adore them. I have a slight sunglasses addiction- and its really only a matter of time before I buy these…