Getting Pinny With it.

My list of Pinterest “to do” list is getting MASSIVE, maybe if I post some of them on here I can get some motivation. Or at the very least motivate some others. Halloween is my favorite holiday, hands down. So here are some things Ive pinned that are incredibly amazing. And if you want, follow me on Pinterest. I spend way, way WAY too much time on there pinning my butt off.

{Isn’t this awesome? Since the kids aren’t allowed to have Halloween parties at school Im going to make this for my kids and their close friends to take in their lunches. Gotta love living in the “bible belt”}

{Its argyle, and its a pumpkin, need I say more? Though I think Id get white pumpkins instead.}

{I think these would be ADORABLE in the kiddos lunches, plus they’re easy. REALLY easy}

{I normally don’t buy juice packs, but really these would be pretty cute in their lunches}


Hello Summer!

Today is the kids last day of school and well, unless I make some sort of plans of things to do or my kiddos are going to drive me MAD! Here goes nothing… My sorta organized summer to do list.

– Visit Tyler Park. (supposed to be pretty epic)
– Visit the Science Museum.
– Play basketball at the park.
– Have a picnic.
– Art show at the summit.
– Paint watercolor letter for over their beds.
– Have a drawing contest.
– Fly a kite.
– Go to a new spray ground.
– Play with bubbles outside.
– Play with side walk chalk.
– Paper airplane races.
– Go on a nature walk.
– Do a scavenger hunt.
– Make a collage out of old magazines.
– Have a Wii bowling tournament.
– Visit the library.
– Perform a Random Act of Kindness.

And thats all I’ve got. Here’s hoping summer is MUCH more tolerable than the school year was!