Summer break. Day 1

So much for silence around here during the day. Honestly I was looking forward to having the kids home everyday, even though I knew they would be totally wild at time. BUT THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK!?!? Come on guys!

So first I think whats more awesome than having a picnic at the spray ground, then of course play in the water and on the play ground. Instantly the boys protest and don’t want to go or even entertain the thought of putting on swim shorts. Fine, whatever. I get there and who was right? I was- they wished they had worn the swim pants.

After wards after much begging I stop and let Ethan spend his money on Pokemon cards, After 15 minutes (ok maybe 10, but it felt like 15) looking at the same section of Pokemon cards, I offer to go back to the toy department to see if there are any other kinds back their, he freaks and drops to his knees at Target. OMG. Are you kidding? Did he just do THAT?!? Hes never, even as a baby went that far. That was it. I loaded us all back into the car.


Fast forward (past all the bickering) to bed time. Naturally the fuss.. Chandler ends up in Ethans bed. Jayde ends up somewhere in between. Out of almost no where I hear a gut wrenching scream. I run into the room and see Jayde holding her eye… the eye that just mere days ago was swollen shut. Its all red and puffy. Once again. OMG . Are you kidding? Did he just do THAT?!?

Im starting to see a trend for summer that I’m not liking. At all.

Heres to hoping tomorrows not as wild. Oh, and her eye, still red. She’s cuddled up with an ice pack.


Our future is SCREWED or slightly less great.

I saw THIS article tweeted earlier today, and it really made me think. I’m an involved parent, but when it comes to my kids down time, I really like to let them do their own thing. Never once really thinking of the consequences of what I was doing…

We are a VERY tech family, each child has their own computer- ipod, DS, and our oldest (10 years old) has an iphone (its active). Not counting all the other computers in our house which I believe totals 23- or somewhere within that range. So the kids are absolutely surrounded by technology. I always thought it was a great thing for them.

I cant name the last time I wrote a letter- I can tell you its been less than 30 minutes since I emailed someone. I by far have more interaction with other humans via social networking, than in “real life”. Sadly I see where if I don’t stop it my kids will be the same way.

As a child I actually had to think of things to do, I couldnt pop myself in front of a computer and have it entertain me. My kids are ALWAYS checking their “farms” and various other “responsibilities” they have. My biggest problem when I was younger was what to dream up to play next. Eventually all of the

While technology has been amazing to us, if we continue this cycle with our kids we have a sad sad future. I say WE because lady I saw you handing that iPhone to your kid in the store to shut him up, I’m not alone.

The article says “So is this the Laziest Generation? There are signs that its members benefit from lower standards. Technology has certainly made life easier. But there may also be a generation gap; the way young adults work is simply different.”  Nope its lazy, why are we lowering our standards? And WHO thinks this is ok?

This article is titled- a generation of slackers. most appropriately. I think its something we should ALL read. Take in, and pass on. Oh and drag you kid off that computer, video game, ipod and kick their butts outside…. I’m going to.