This is me! I’m in my mid 20’s quickly approaching 30 fast. I love crafty things, I listen to music while I do EVERYTHING, I love junk food, and my family is my life. After working for a large company, I realized that its true that the big corporations do not care about the little people, and quit my job, and decided to re launch my company… Introducing…. Sugar & Stripes

I have a beautiful family that I started when I was 17, with my husband. I have 3 beautiful children, who are my world {you can read more about them below}.We moved from Florida to Kentucky back in 2009.
Let see, a few random things (anything else you want to know you will find on my blog somewhere or another) : I love the color pink. I adore music of every kind. I have naturally curly hair that I hate. I spend way too much time online. I take pictures of my kids non stop. I have a weakness for stationary products, pens, pencils, pretty paper- you name it! I have one tattoo. Ive had my tounge pierced three times, and no I dont still have it. I once lived in the “projects”. I hate when people sneeze. I drive a mini-van that I now wish I could drive off a cliff. I once owned a 1973 Volkswagen type III squareback that I absolutely adored- but because of financial reason I am in the process of selling it.

This is my husband John, my other half. Ok, Ok, my better half. This is the man who some how stomachs my crazy moodiness, with a silly attitude. Hes a collector of old Apple computers, I believe our Apple computer count is at 23 right now (yea yea I know)
He completes me. Hes the one person that I know I can tell anything to, the only one I can trust completely.

My oldest son. My helper, my baby. He helps more than either of the other two children. He is very shy, but incredibly sweet once you get him to open up. He’s just like his dad, very hard working. Every since he was little he has had a thing for cleaning… 10 or so toy vacuums later he now has a Dyson that he uses almost daily.
He loves to help cook, and he’s actually pretty good at it. He loves to draw, and do pretty much anything creative. He had his art hung up in the public library back home. Just like me he loves music, he goes virtually everywhere with his iPod Touch listening to music.  He has a very caring attitude, he will give his last piece of candy to you before eating it himself.

My middle child, and the inspiration for the name of my blog. He is VERY strong willed. Despite being rotten most of the time he is the apple of my eye- he knows how to make me melt and turn into a total push over. Which lately has become a problem. He has to be the center of attention, at all times.
He’s always up for a challenge, never tell him that he cant do something. He is incredibly resourceful, I recently caught him selling Pokemon cards on the bus for $1 a piece, he made $16 before I found out and stopped him. Ask anyone who knows him and they will tell you about his “unique” attitude.

My princess, and the reason I have three children. She is my beautifully amazing girl.  She loves pigs, oh and sheep too, pretty much every animal.She loves being outside and looking at nature. She has a tomboy side, probably because of her brothers.
She loves makeup, and painting her nails. She is the smallest girl in her class but she is incredibly fiesty. She has her daddy tightly wrapped around her finger from the second she was born. She has a hot tempter like no other. She is my mini-me.
My favorite weenie dog ever! Shes playful, and cuddly. Hobbies: getting into EVERYTHING!

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