I <3 him

Yesterday John was looking at my blog {which has been a few days since Ive updated} He said “why didn’t you blog today?” {I had just had a HORRIBLE experience at the dentist} Long story short because I am still on some heavy pain medications and feel super horrible, This past month has been hell on me, from loosing my mom to finding out I have a neurological problem thats preventing me to function at all, to this stupid dental issue.

With all this going on Im at my wits end, here. Im miserable. So instead of bitching this entire post I want to take a moment to thank my amazing husband. Without him, well, I don’t think I would be here. He’s been amazingly supportive, leaving work on his lunch break to take me to the doctor, sitting for 3 hours at the dentist, to listening to me moan and groan non stop.

John. I love you.


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