Twitter friends,

Ive been thinking lately about social sites and how they are affecting my every day life. Initially Twitter was just a fun place for me to bitch and moan, its clear to me now its much more. I knew it the moment after I found out that mom died, and I needed support. I went directly to twitter, and poured my heart out. To my surprise, people who I didn’t even “know” reached out. When I finally felt comfortable telling Facebook (I think it was a day later) I just got a lot of “Im sorrys” very generic and fake feeling.

Is it sad that I feel closer to my twitter friends than my “real” friends? I mean really. I can tell twitter ANYTHING, and not worry about judgement. I heavily edit myself on Facebook. Now Im kind of wondering why I even keep Facebook. Everything seems fake and forced. For example my “best friend” who moved away a few years ago- hasn’t even so much as said a fake Im sorry, or anything about moms death. While Im holding her hand and listening while she moans and groans about everything. Im just wondering why I feel like I need Facebook. I can’t be the only one….

In all twitter friends, I love you guys and all the support you guys give me (and for listening to my constant crap!)


2 thoughts on “Twitter friends,

  1. I totally know what you’re talking about. I feel the same way. My family has no clue I have a twitter account & I plan on keeping that way, its bad enough I still have to interact with them on Lamebook…I mean Facebook haha.

    • Some of my family and close friends have twitter, but they don’t use it a lot, and Im kind of like F it, twitters MY place. If they over hear something they don’t like then oh well lol! Oh and with Facebooks new change I have an even less of a reason to want to use it.

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