Here we go again

I went for my follow up appointment with my ear, nose throat doctor.
It started out fantastic with me (and the hubs) arguing with the staff that it was indeed a follow up appointment and that we shouldn’t have to pay a second co pay for the same services I already paid for once before. We lost that battle.

I get brought back into the room, the doctor tells me that all my tests came back normal. It could be a bunch of things, all neurological. Then proceeds to ask if we have a history of strokes, or multiple sclerosis. I tell him that my mom had a history of strokes, but I wasn’t sure what it was caused by. He asked if I still had contact with her, I said of course, but she passed away last Wednesday. He asked her age- which I reply with 48, and he just repeats “wow thats young”. Yea, not what I want to hear.

He tells me 3 different kinds of medicine that he could give me, two being ones that don’t work, and one the kind of works. Gives me a prescription to the one that sort of works, and tells me to see a neurologist, and sends me on my way.

I was informed once I got to Walgreens that the doctor wrote the prescription for the one that I told him didn’t work, the one I told him I didn’t want to take. SO the pharmacy calls him, and he tells them thats what I should take… um no. So I talk to the nurse, and she tries to tell me that its what me and him discussed in the office. So, now Im waiting to see if he’s going to write the correct prescription. Luckily I won’t have to see this doctor again.

So back to what he said… couldn’t he just have said that he couldn’t fix it, go see someone else? And not mention horrible things like strokes, and multiple sclerosis?? Talk about scaring the living crap out of me. Now Im worrying about that.. not like I need something to stress about.

I go to a neurologist October 4th. I hope he has some ideas.


10 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Getting better when you don’t know what’s wrong is difficult, confusing, and expensive. But – hang in there! After I had my first migraine and my eyes were crossed, the possibilities tossed around went all the way to a brain tumor before a diagnosis was found. You’ll get there! Here’s hoping this neurologist is the one to know what’s going on!

      • Well – I didn’t have another migraine for a year, and then it all hit again. That’s when I went back and started working on the migraines. We’re still figuring it out, but we at least know what causes them and how to keep them from getting so bad as to cross my eyes. If that happens again it’s more likely to be permanent.

        To make sure I didn’t have a brain tumor, they sent me for a 2 hour MRI. What came of that? They say my brain is extraordinary!

      • So you take medicine to help the migraines? Actually my main Dr thinks my problem could be caused by migraines, I think its weird bc I have daily headaches but none bad enough that I would consider it a migraine. Would it literally cause your eyes to cross?

        As for the MRI results, Im thinking you already knew that =]

  2. Have you tried a physical therapist ? I had a light case of vertigo once and they ‘shook and rolled my head around’ and I’m all better now. No drugs at all. They said that there was trash in my ear tubes that had to be cleared. They used some tuning forks and odd equipment but it worked. This was done by an audiologist under the supervision of a neurologist. Hope this helps. — Aunt Kay

  3. What I’ve read about what you describe says for some people there is little or no noticeable headache, but even so the vertigo could be enough to prevent someone working and force them to collect disability instead.

    Yes – my first migraine crossed my eyes, and they were like that for 2 months, with double vision as a result until they straightened out. My migraines cause palsy of some of my cranial nerves, which in turn paralyze my eye muscles. If that happens for a long enough time the muscles weaken and my eyes cross. Not pretty.

    Good luck finding out what’s really going on. If it is associated with migraines, a neurologist is your best bet. Keep us posted!

    • Hmm. Interesting. I guess I assumed that migraine related vertigo would feel like a massive migraine, though it seems from what Ive heard it can be the opposite.

      My first response when reading that your eyes crossed was OW. Though Im not even sure that hurts, but it just seem like something that would really be a huge pain. I can imagine living like that… =[ Im glad that they gave you medicine and it was able to help.

      Sounds like a neurologist is what Ive needed this entire time. I can’t wait to hear what he says.

      • The eyes themselves being crossed doesn’t hurt, but the muscles being paralyzed during the migraine actually hurts worse than the migraine. Sometimes my eye muscles hurt without feeling a headache at all. But if they cross, the double vision causes a major headache, migraine or not!

  4. Sometimes doctors just don’t know, but they have a really hard time admitting that. I hope you get some answers from the neurologist, and not scary answers. None of the medications for migraines ever worked for me. Some extra strength ibuprofen was helpful. I use essential oils now, and if I catch it soon enough, it really works well.

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