Always & Forever

Wednesday evening I lost my mom.
I wanted to write a beautiful post as sort of a memorial to her. But when I sat down and started gathering the pictures for this post, I started the song she wanted me to listen to when she passed (THIS ONE) I realized not only are my eyes cloudy with tears, but so is my heart. No amount of words would ever say what I felt needed to be said. I’ve never felt that a posting should be perfect until now, and I can’t even find the words that I feel would do her justice.
I did find some photos, most of the last time I saw her. In 2009, I hadn’t been able to make it back home. The kids did, last month they went back and visited. Im so grateful that they were able to.

{Showing Jayde the tad poles in the water}

{Swinging with Ethan- He was trying to see who could swing higher}

{Chandler and Jayde with Granny- know how Im always fussing that I can’t get a serious picture of my kids? I blame her lol}

{Proof yet again- never a serious moment}

{Lol- even more proof}

{Me and Mom}

{But to this day this is still my favorite picture. In this picture Ethan was about 2 1/2 going through a REALLY wild stage, he was driving us nuts being all over the place. He was always especially hyper around Mom, as they were SO much alike. I guess he though she was playing when she was trying to talk to him so when she started pointing her finger to show how serious she was he started laughing uncontrollably! Lol. He always had a challenge for her. He is a mirror image of her, in almost every possible way.}

I love you Mom, Always & Forever!


5 thoughts on “Always & Forever

  1. Love you, Steph. I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m heart broken I can’t be there for you right now. You’re not far from my thoughts during this time. I’m here ANY time if you want/need to talk.

  2. I’m so sorry about your mom passing away. These photos are so great. You guys look so much like one another…you can tell that she loved all you guys very much.

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