Top 10 Reasons Bacon is AWESOME

This weeks writing prompt is “Top Ten Reasons Bacon is Awesome”. Not that you need me to tell you that bacon is awesome.

1.) Bacon Pancakes

2.) Bacon Prailines

3.) Bacon Carbonara

4.) Bacon Tots

5.) Bacon Cupcakes

5.) Bacon Hashbrowns

6.) Bacon Jalapeño Popper

7.) Bacon Biscuits

8.) Bacon Jam

9.) Bacon Meatballs

10.) Bacon Pie

Mama’s Losin’ It
Now Im aware that this is a WRITING prompt, however when its on a subject that truly needs no words, what can I say. BUT- don’t forget to click the images to get these amazing recipes!


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Bacon is AWESOME

  1. I love bacon! I am so going to make the bacon pancakes/bacon wrapped tater tots! Anything that involves bacon is the greatest thing in the world lol.

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