10 lessons my kids could teach me

This week I decided to do one of Mama Kat’s writer workshops.

10 Lessons your child could teach you.

1.] Spend less time cleaning, and more time playing.
Do a quick “flash cleaning” to make it appear clean then play!!

2.] Don’t hold grudges.
I mean come on, what child have you ever seen to hold a grudge for longer than like 2 minutes? Life is too short to be mad.

3.] Its ok to go out with a spot on your clothes.
Now this is something Im super picky about- I never go out without a super clean shirt on, no spots or stains. If my favorite shirts gets stained, no matter how small, its done I won’t wear it again. We as, my kids if its their favorite shirt they will try and wear it every opportunity they can regardless of what it looks like.

4.] Play in the mud.
Who cares what kind of mess it makes, don’t think just do!

5.] When you’re tired, sleep.
Your body knows what you need. Don’t fight it. No one wants to deal with a grumpy butt.

6.] Slow down. Watch the rain.
As an adult I don’t take nearly enough time just to slow down and enjoy the small things in life. Since having children Ive noticed those small things more. You would never believe how amazing it just to sit on the front porch and watch the rain fall and forget all of your problems.

7.] Dance like no one is watching.
Have you ever danced in the mirror, probably in a way that you wouldn’t do if someone were watching you. Well Im sure you’ve seen a child break into dance randomly, caring less who’s watching. Imagine the happiness that would come if you did that!

8.] Say hello and smile at random people.
You never know what a smile or hello can do for someone.

9.] Shiny things are awesome.
Need I say more?

10.]So I asked Ethan to tell me a lesson I should know (he’s home sick from school) He said “Don’t chew gum”
Literally made me LOL- I know I shouldn’t have but I did.
He’s home from school right now because he had to have TWO teeth pulled today, he had a filling that because of him not listening to me and chewing gum it yanked the filling out and caused it to get infected and a lot of pain. Long story short. Avoid chewing gum.


4 thoughts on “10 lessons my kids could teach me

  1. Loved your list. Sorry that your son is going through all that pain. Maybe I’ll take his lesson to heart…the thought of going through all that for a piece of gum just doesn’t seem worth it.

    hi from mamakats

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