Thursday Thirteen

This weeks 13 is 13 things I should be doing right now but Im watching Hulu instead.

1. Mopping the floors- 5 kids over means one HUGE HUGE mess!
2. Laundry- That big pile I have to walk over at the end of the stair case isn’t getting any smaller!
3. Gathering all the crap we don’t need and list on craigslist. Im getting more and more each day.
4. Run to the post office to mail the rent check.
5. Take Jayde to the eye doctor to pick up her new glasses.
6. Make lunch.
7. Defrost something for dinner. (Why can’t I ever remember this?)
8. Clean my van. It looks like something exploded up there!
9. Put together Sugar & Stripes- This is taking WAY too long.
10. Finish organizing the basement.
11. Clean out the fridge. We’ve been here for a month and it needs it already.
12. Sweep the driveway. (Stupid tree guy- left a huge mess!)
13. SHOWER- This one is by far the hardest.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

    • I am almost embarrassed to answer this lol. but Im watching Switched at Birth on Hulu. Im slightly hooked. I was watching Teen Wolf- but ran out of episodes lol.

      Im still delaying doing the laundry. Im a serious pro at procrastination.

  1. No need to walk near the embarassed side, I’ve heard it was an engaging show. I just caught up on Teen Wolf. It’s a different show when you can watch 6 at a time. *Grin*

    I heard that my earlier link either wouldn’t load or wouldn’t allow comments. Here’s a new one.

    Happy T13,

    13 Soundtracks

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