Im feeling like a meme.

I found this over at Librarianship and well I’m in a meme type mood tonight.

Age: 27

Bed Size: Double. It allows me to snuggle close to the hubs.

Chore You Hate: Laundry. I really, really hate it. It’s the one chore that truly seems to be never ending.

Dogs: One mid sized dachshund named December.

Essential start of your day: Coffee- You will know if I miss it.

Favorite color: Pink or purple- totally depending on my mood. Though I also LOVE black, it matched everything.

Gold or silver: White gold.

Height: 5 feet, 3 inches

Instruments I play (or have played): I used to be able to play a few songs on the guitar- not so much anymore. I also sang in choir at both school and church (yep I said church).

Job title: mom, wife.. etc.

Kids: Three. Sometimes it feels like ten.

Live: Louisville Kentucky for the time being. Given the chance I would move without thinking twice.

Mom’s name: Mary (typical huh?)

Nickname: Steph/Stef

Overnight hospital stays: Only after having all three kids.

Pet peeve: Rude people and bad customer service.

Quote from a movie: Sadly the one that comes instantly to mind is, “Mmmm Hmmm french fried potaters”. Yep. Sad times.

Right or left handed: Righty.

Siblings: I’m an only child.

Time you wake up: During the school year 6:30 am. During the summer, whenever the kids call.

Underwear: Um. Yes?

Vegetables you dislike: Can’t think of one. I really adore veggies!

What makes you run late: KIDS!

X-rays you’ve had done: Let’s do this chronologically: Wow. I cant remember. The only one I do is a chest x-ray.

Yummy food you make: I’m not the greatest cook, but I LOVE my spaghetti. Then again I just love spaghetti in general.

Zoo animal: Monkeys of course.


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