Oh who cares JCPS

It happened again… a little girl on the bus threatened to bring a knife on the bus and hurt Jayde.

I’m really at a loss for words. I want to fight this- but no one here listens. No lawyer will take the case if the child isnt already physically hurt. The people over transportation won’t listen to it, because its common with them. And if some hasnt committed the act agains your child (like STABBING) then it doesnt matter. Basically it only matter if you child has been injured.Even then I highly doubt they will do much.

Heck the supervisor over the busing told me his child was threatened to be killed, and nothing was done. He spoke of it like it was normal.

Were at the point that were going to have to touch the 401k again to get moved out of this county. Isnt that nuts?!? Yea I know- but after seeing the picture Jayde drew on her lunch box I know we need to move ASAP.

I hope this all comes to an end soon. I cant take any more stress, and god knows they cant!


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