Yet another round of crap from JCPS.

I found this article recently done by a local news station… that left me well… at a loss for words. Whats going on here isnt right and why isnt anyone fixing this??

Heres part of the story:

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – WAVE 3 is working for you, uncovering step by step advice on how to get your school’s attention and stop the bullying.

For all the stories we’ve done here at WAVE, there are hundreds more parents who we’ve talked to who are their wits end. They don’t know what to do to get the results they most want: Their child free of bullies. For one Harrison County mother, it’s too late.

“He was happy-go-lucky, laughed, carried on, really had a good time,” she said of her now-14-year-old son.

She’s asked us to disguise her identity because her son is no longer happy.

“That just all kind of went downhill when he started getting teased about his weight,” she said.

She says she knows now that he faced repeated jabs from other kids at North Harrison Middle School.

“He was teased,” she said. “I think everybody has been teased, but this is just a little bit more than teasing. This was torture.”



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