My Weather in Pics!

First, I have no clue why this picture has black edges…
After I picked the kids up from school I decided we would head to the water front and check out the flooding, since it finally stopped raining. Well long story short- we ended up on the other side of the Ohio River in Indiana.
On the way home I see these big black clouds. Normally I would say awesome! But not this time, especially after seeing a good bit of the damage all this rain has caused.
Luckily the rain came and went in a matter of 10 minutes, and this is what I saw…
The most awesome double rainbow (I SWEAR) Ive ever seen… While my photo I took (above) is nice- I couldnt catch the double rainbow since I was driving and had to pull over. BUT… The local news channel got an amazing picture of it….
Hopefully this is the end of all this crazy weather.


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