Rain Rain, Go Away…

I know you’ve seen my post where the kids were up all night, and even spent a brief period in the bathtub hiding from possible tornados. Well that was just the beginning of it all. Right now were on day 10 of pretty much non stop rain, and it looks like there are at least 2-3 more days of constant rain.

Im the first to say I love the rain, or well I was. Until this began.

(Yep that WAS a baseball field.)

(Apparently there is a street under there.)

Sadly these aren’t even close to the worse pictures I’ve seen of the damage in the Louisville area, and from what I’ve heard its supposed to get worse from here. Things as small as 30 mph winds cause a huge threat because of the trees over saturated roots, which means the can fall over very easily.

Amazingly enough through all this the kids seem to be pretty decent, I mean yea they’re grumpy- but who wouldn’t be grumpy if they didn’t get to play out side for days. (Did I mention they have been testing for over a week now?) So I decided to take them out, now granted it was just to walk to the apartment office to pay rent… but they seemed relatively happy to be outside.. even with the rain.

Here’s hoping that the rain stops soon, before too much damage is done.


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