>Small stuff…

>I realized tonight when I walked in the kids room… the tiny room we have 3 beds and 3 kids crammed into…. when I saw my angels sleeping so peacefully, that reguardless whats going on in life, Im truly lucky.

Despite all the bad thats going on, cars getting repo’ed, losing our home, having no money to our names, Ill always have family.
The past 8 days have been the happiest Ive been in YEARS, and I think this may have been a blessing.
Thank you again to all our friends who have supported us and said kind words during this incredibly hard time. It means so much to us. Making us realize there are people who care.
Now on to bigger and better things. Heres to a happy life ahead!

4 thoughts on “>Small stuff…

  1. >I'm glad you're looking at what really matters hon! Dont sweat the small stuff. Even if you & your family have to move into a 1 bedroom apartment (hopefully not though) at least you have each other 🙂

  2. >Love ya Nikki!I had another WOW moment today. While at breakfast with my kiddo's a older gentleman came up to me and John and told us how well behaved and great our kids were!! Hellz yeah! That should really happen more…Just proof that its the little thing!

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