>I’m not biting my tounge anymore!

>Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is another rant…..and I’ll apologize for that in advance!

I know by writing this I might be jeopardizing alot of things.. however it needs to be said!

John wasted 10 years at a job, poured his heart and soul into every second of his career. (the boxes- yes boxes of items basically cataloging his career), risking our marriage because of his passion to this job. Moving us states away from all our loved ones for this job. He was away from his family for 2 months filming a commercial for the company. He’s drove HOURS {yes hours} for work each day, hes stayed late night at customers houses just to make sure they were happy. Celebrities and all…. having him be the only one they would call……. {did I mention my kids wear their geek squad shirts proudly? – they are now banned- oh and my middle sons first word was best buy}

Only later to be FIRED. because of having a chat client on there to talk with one of the “high ups” that shall remain nameless for the time being. {that is unless I keep getting progressively mad}

Now we are stuck in Kentucky, jobless. No I should correct that. I still have a job with the same company, and it makes me SICK to have to go to work today. Now not because I love the company as I once did, but because I have no choice because we have no way to support our 3 children in this city so far from home.

So thanks Best Buy. You truely lost one of your best. Thats not a way to treat your loyal people!!


3 thoughts on “>I’m not biting my tounge anymore!

  1. >Thanks. it sucks a big one…. Were headed to the unemployement office now. =/ Im truely at a loss for words. Im mad… but I don't think I reached my full potential of being pissed off yet…. more posts to come Im sure.

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