>Saturday’s smiles


Finally some sun in Louisville, in more than one way!
The weather was beautiful out. So we headed to the park on the river. We met up with our friend and her little boy. It was tons of fun!

{ The boys on the way home from the park }

After the park our lovely Garmin decided to take us an hour and a half away from home. In what I’d like to call the overly scenic route. Don’t get me wrong it was a beautiful ride, lots of hills and amazing homes. Homes that made me incredibly jealous!
Once the GPS finally decided to take us home, John had this last minute idea that we should get hot dogs, so we swung by Thortons (yea I know gas station hot dogs- but they really are yummy!) and that plan didnt work out so we went to Mcdonalds and hot a double cheese and some coffee and came home and relaxed at last.
Despite out little detour this is the first day in a very long time (since we moved to Louisville) that I’ve actually felt happy… I can only hope there is more days like this ahead.

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