>I have a blogger crush

>So I have been reading Jill at Scary Mommy for really long time. Not only is she an incredible writer but she has an incredibly honest/funny take on parenthood. She has been LOL’ing non stop. She’s my inspiration for my blog- now if I could be HALF as witty as her!

But she recently added a confessional page(s) and I’m addicted.. and so is John lol… its the first thing I check in the morning and the last before bed. But before you click that link, be warned its incredibly addictive.
You’ll see stuff like :
I hate myself for my feelings for another man other than my husband. Sometimes when dreaming I hope I didn’t say his name outloud.”

“What I wish I could say to my best friend: If you could stop signing your kid up for a new “cutest baby” contest every day and begging me to vote for him, that would be absolutely super. Sorry dear – he’s a really ugly kid”

I’m wearing maternity jeans but I haven’t been pregnant in 6 years.”

I try not to be jealous of Scary Mommy and all her blogging success but I am. Really, really jealous.”
(That one wasnt me I swear…)
Although I’m guilty of confessing…
Seriously though- Go check Jill aka Scary Mommy out- and make sure you have no plans for the rest of the day. You might be there awhile.


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