>I’m over it….

>Ok.. I’ve done my time in Kentucky. I’m ready to move. Or go back in time to about 2 years ago. When we were happy, we had a beautiful home, family who loved us, all of our pets, a decent support system. Our children had their own room, we had space to hide from the kids if need be. We were some what financially set. Oh and the kids had a good school in our neighborhood that we loved. Id venture to say we were very happy.

Now… We have a box we live in… ok well not a box but an itsy bitsy 2 bedroom apartment, that we are constantly tripping over each other (did I mention that we pay almost the price of our mortgage on our old house in florida?). We don’t have any family here, no real friends, all the people we thought were friends werent. The kids are now bused 3 hours a day to a school in the ghetto. The kids are crammed (literally) in one room. Stuff is exploding from everywhere. Were nipping at each other non-stop. It sucks for lack of better words.
Now that not to mention all the emotional crap I have to deal with because of still being here! I’m miserable. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. I have a handful of “friends” and thats dwindling fast, because Im finding out that they aren’t my friends and are only in it for one thing. Not to mention I hate the person I have become because of this place and its people! I’m tired of faking it- smiling when I walk into places and pretending that I’m happy where I am. Im not.
I was always that person that said “I never regret any of my choices” – I’m no longer that girl. I regret moving here. I wish there were just one small event that made me feel this way… but there’s too much… I’m ready to run away! Maybe I’ll win the lottery and make my escape .. Guess I should start playing now.

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