>My favorite time of the day with a side of green beans


First I’ll say that I’m sorry for all these “proud mom” posts lately. However it seems that me and John have some how managed to create this wonderful dinner time tradition. Naturally I would love to share it with my readers and find out what you guys do for dinner.
As a child of a basically single mother we never really sat down for dinner together, I always ate in my room. Or if we did happen to eat together we would park it in front of the TV and eat. Hardly bonding time. Of course I googled it because I really was interested how many families sit together for dinner. Only 47% percent of families sit down together for dinner. Sad.

So I made sure that we all sat down as a family. However some how, we got in this awesome rhythm of asking “what was the best part of your day” and “what was your worse part of your day”. It’s a great way to build communication. Instead of just sitting mindlessly at the table or listening to the kids whine about what foods they don’t like. Lately we have even added addition questions, like favorite movie, what they learned today. Its great!

I noticed when the kids had a friend over and we didn’t have enough chairs for us all to sit at the table. So I let the kids sit at the table and me and John ate on the couch. John pointed out that Ethan was asking our guest what his favorite part of his day was, and the poor kid looked sorta surprised. But I’m proud our kids are trying to pass on our traditions.
PLUS- we don’t have to listen to them fuss about food… well not at least not as often.

One thought on “>My favorite time of the day with a side of green beans

  1. >Way to go!!! I love to hear that you have made this effort, as seen by your stats not enough people do. When my oldest was 3 (he is now 8) I too got sick of the dinner in front of the t.v. routine.So now we eat dinner together every night, t.v. off, no other distractions, and although they do complain from time to time I think they actually enjoy the time together as well.We have such little time together as a family and I wish that more and more families would realize just how important it is to make this a big deal.Again congrats!!

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