>A letter…


Dear kids,
Thank you for acting like angels last night at the snow globe craft. While all the other rotten children ran around like wild animals you all sat down and talked nicely. Occasionally looking at the “bad kids” like they had lost their minds. When they hit each other in the heads with glass jars, or loudly screamed the same sentence over and over, or bossed their mom around you looked at me like “mom what is wrong with them!?!”.
You thanked the sponsor of the event multiple times when he helped you. You appreciated just being able to go to the event, and you let everyone know, by your amazing behavior. I know often times Im very critical of you guys, mainly because I don’t understand the concept of sibling rivalry just because I was an only child. But all in all you guys are amazing kids.
Thank you for NOT being like all the other kids your age. You just know better!

Dear Mindless Parents at the event,
Thank you for letting your children act like fools, so much in fact that it interrupted my family time at the event with my children multiple times. Oh and for letting your son climb in the table and let us get a laugh from him making you look like a fool when you tried to talk him out of it. Or when you had to explain to the other mom at the event that your other kids were too “cool” to participate in the event. Thank you for answering your phone loudly in the middle of the even where you explain to whomever you are trying to get a loan from that you worked at a restaurant for the past 12 years. Well high freaking five lady! You know most parents would have hit ignore and enjoyed their children. Not you.
Best yet, THANK YOU, for teaching my kids that they are amazing children and how NOT to act in public. Making them feel proud about how well behaved they are. While they are aware they arent perfect all the time, they are now well aware that they never want to act like your kids.. Oh and at the same time I think they appreciate me a little more for NOT being like you. For not ignoring them like you do your children.
An Aggravated Mom

One thought on “>A letter…

  1. >Well I'm happy that your children are so well behaved.I'm sorry to say that I'm one of the "moms" in your second letter. My kids are not perfect and do not always listen to me. They all come from very troubled backgrounds and struggle, but I still take them out so that eventually they will be able to complete an activity or outing without being sent home. My own two little ones Abby and Damien are pretty good for stuff like that…and I must say all 5 did very well during our Sunday school craft of making a manger out of graham crackers…but still..i've been where the other moms have been…and it stinks. My newest little guy told me to F…You..because i told him it was time to leave. I was not impressed..and he continues to swear…parents stare at me..I hate that..but whatever.

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