>Thursday’s Top Ten

>So I decided to hop in on the Thursday’s Top Ten meme.

Here’s this weeks topic:
Every New Year we all make these ridiculous resolutions that only very few of us stick to. If you knew for a fact, that you would stick to all your resolutions then give us your top ten!

Top Ten New Years Resolutions (if I could keep them!)

1. lose weight. Get down to my desired weight of 140 lbs.
2. open back up my etsy shop and get it rolling like before.
3. keep that never ending bin of dirty clothes empty.
4. stop buying shoes to match EVERY outfit.
5. Be more green, stop buying chemicals, live a more green life.
6. Be happier with the me that I am.
7. Be a better wife. Stop nit picking!
8. keep my car clean!
9. stop smoking.
10. stop hiding from the doctor and go when I need to.

Now if only I could do ONE of these things I would be golden. However thats why I didn’t make a new years resolution, and this is just a fictional list. BUT if some how something on this list DOES happen, I deserve a massive high five LOL!

2 thoughts on “>Thursday’s Top Ten

  1. >I would like to do number 1 for sure! But – that is in my fictional list as well. Weight loss is not easy when you are addicted to candy. Grrrr…maybe I should start to exercise to offset the junk food!

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