>Men… I was wrong…

>Once again Ive been proven wrong… well maybe I should start from the beginning.

Im a girl who has very few actual girl friends, Ive always been like that- I cant seem to “click” with women, for whatever reason. So I have alot of guy friends. Recently john and I have started going out alot more since we have great friends here who will actually watch the kids for us so we can get time out.. which means since Im actually being social for once. With me no longer being a stay at home mom, I decided to start inviting my guy friends out with me and John.
For the longest time I just thought John was being jealous, saying these guys are bad… saying all guys are the same.. basically that guys cant be friends with women. which, I totally fought… saying no these guys are different.. Needless to say I was WRONG.
The first guy we went out with that I thought was a friend drank one or two drinks and proceeded to tell me that my nipples could “cut glass” well, that friendship was DONE. I was wrong once again, this guy didn’t want to be friends, he obviously wanted something else.
So the other night we went with a friend, he proceeded to buy us (me) drink after drink, before I even had a chance to realize I was drunk. Next thing I know John is going to the bathroom and this guy friend of mine takes my hand and walks me to the bathroom, for you know what! Can you believe the nerve of this guy? and once again I was proven wrong!
Now I do have one guy friend, that is absolutely amazing. Very supportive, funny, everything youd ask for in a friend, guy or girl. But, thats it… every other guy that I thought was a friend or a potential friend, turned out to be a douche, and only wanting one thing.
So, please people, tell me that all guys arent like this. Give me some hope.
Now dont get me wrong, Id love to have some girl friends, though women really seem to aggrivate me to the fullest. They whine, only talk about themselves, start drama, and whine more. Men, they joke, they dont care about starting drama, and they dont whine (atleast not most lol). So since I cannot seem to stomach women enough to actually make friends (my last real woman friend I had was when I was 15!!) I stick with guy friends… in some sort of hope that their not all “bad guys”.
Advice needed….

3 thoughts on “>Men… I was wrong…

  1. >Hi Stephanie, I've followed your blog for quite sometime…I don't ever leave comments just for time restraints….I'm a momma of 17 month old triplets LOL Anyhoo, all I say is John is right. Most men are like that unfortunately. But wish you were out here in So Cal, I'd say you and I could do Girls Night Out! I'm a drama free kind of gal. Have girlfriends that are a blessing and we're actually nice to eachother. It's sad that women can be caddy and rude. In my own experience JEALOUSY has always been the undertone to the reason why women treat eachother this way 😦 Well as far as advice, well you did the right thing dumping those "douches" as you said 😉 And always look at the character of a man. If they're unwise, irresponsible and chauvanistic in other aspects of their life, well then they're probably the kind of guys that you can't trust especially something as precious as your friendship…kwim? :)Thanks for sharing your blog. I love visiting every once and awhile. I'm a crafter too 🙂

  2. >I have a hard time with this- before marriage, almost all my friends were guys. But, I think that past a certain point in life, it's almost impossible to have friends of the opposite sex, unless they are from the time before(like college or high school).

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