>Full of updates.

>Ive been very neglectful to my blog readers, I typically blog much more. So Im going to do a brief update.

Right now me and John are going through a separation. (As Im sure you could guess by my last post) My emotions have been ran over and smashed. Im totally torn as to what Im doing, or maybe I should say what I have to do. In addition to trying to be a good mom and support the kids.
So besides having more than enough stress caused by the lack of relationship, Im having a few medical problems. This past week I went to the doctor because I found a lump in my breast. He’s sending me to many different doctors to have tests done. As well as put my on birth control in hopes that it will respond to that. While we wait on all my blood tests to come back. He initially had some concerns about my liver- so they took a ton of blood and Im still waiting on most of the results. Though he did say that the tests that are back came back Ok.
All in all, life has handed me handful of lemons, now its just a matter of what I do with them…

9 thoughts on “>Full of updates.

  1. >I'm sorry to hear about everything you're going through! I cant image the amount of stress you have in your life right now. I really hope things start looking up for you & your family. Relationships are hard, not that I have to tell you, but maybe this time apart will help you evaluate the situation w/John. Things always get better with time, keep your head up sweets! *tons of hugs*

  2. >Thank you everyone. I need the support more than ever.Its a very rough emotional time. and Jason- you tell me who that UPS is and Ill track his butt down, I could use some hugs!

  3. >I love you deeply stef and hope this all works out. Thanks for being around all these years and I sincerely hope there are more to come. Again I love you and hope things turn out better in the future.

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