>Happy National Coming Out Day!


Every October 11, thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and allies celebrate National Coming Out Day. They hold workshops, speak-outs, rallies and other kinds of events all aimed at showing the public that LGBT people are everywhere. Check out the website… for MUCH more info

So, are you coming out today? Are you supporting someone who is? Will you accept it when they do?

Being LGBT is not a bad thing- its life- its time we all support it- after all, LOVE IS LOVE. Its not our right to judge people or hate people because of who they are. Its time we show love to everyone….

I wanted to write this amazing Coming Out Day post- but Im just way too tired after this weekend. But… I stated that I was a straight ally, But I should state that I like women as well.

No, Im not just saying this for the hell of it. I mean it. Yes, family, friends and co- workers read this, and no I dont care who reads it.

I think everyone should just be more open.
Let’s listen…. With open arms.


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