>Random Dozen- Because I can.

1. From “Men Are Dumb ….”: If you had a theme song that played whenever you walked into a room full of people, what would it be?

I’m trying to think of a song with the lyrics “I’m awesome” however it is incredibly too early for that- so lets just pretend there is one!

2. From Pam of “Alert And Oriented x 4”: Which of your shoes are your absolute favorite, and which are of the object of your most painful shoe-buyer’s remorse?

Oh my faves are my grey boots- even though I haven’t worn them once I will one day find that amazing outfit that matches them. Now- my most painful are my red plaid pair- they are my second favorite- and hands down the most uncomfortable- but only because I bought a size too small because it was the last pair left.

3. From Susanne of “Living to Tell the Story”: Tell about your favorite birthday celebration that you’ve personally experienced.

Wow- now I can tell about a handful of bad ones…. but I can’t think of one really good one yet… Hear that John? This coming year I want an amazing celebration!!

4. From Lori of “Just me and My Life”: If you were a flavor of ice cream, which would you be?

I would be Superman! Full of color and fun.

5. Cindy Swanson of “Notes in the Key of Life” asks: Have you ever had a crush on a movie star? Who was it, and are you still crushing?

Oh there’s so many beautiful movie star’s, none though that are super crush worthy though. love Johnny Depp, even though hes getting old.

6. Jill from “Jill Boyd’s Place” inquires: Glasses or braces–if you had to wear one, which would it be?

Glasses! Because they are super hot! Have you seen me in mine? Need I say more?

7. Nel from “Fasteneau Facts” asks: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Right here! Even though I often get home sick- Im happy where I am, though in a few years I wont accept anything less than Minnesota!
8. Thena from “Patiently Waiting” wants to know: If money were no obstacle, what would be the perfect birthday gift to receive?
A new car! I HATE my mini-van, it was the perfect vehicle at the time, but not so much now…. Ohh or maybe just having my 73 VW fully restored- that’d work too!

9. From “Life Through Bifocals,” LynnMarie asks: What is your favorite birthday meal?

Spaghetti. I could eat spaghetti for EVERY meal!

10. Debby at “Just Breathe” checks in with: Do you still send hand-written thank you notes?

Depends on the occasion.

11. Linda from “Mocha with Linda” poses this question: What is something you’ve done that you never thought you’d do?
Something I SAID I would never do – Work at Best Buy- {see up coming post to the update on this one}

12. Jewel, my homegirl from Indiana who writes at “Musings from the World of Jewel,” is very insistent that we answer this: Mount Rushmore honors four US Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. If you could add any person to Mount Rushmore, who would you add and why?

WOW PRESSURE. I cant think of anyone….

::Note to self- Do these things later in the day so I can come up with some halfway decent answers!::

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