>Take it.

>Here I am take it or leave it.

– i don’t like religion talked about around my kids – i love junk food – i think you create your family, its not all about blood – i love artsy stuff – i cant cook to save my life – i ran away from home when i was a teenager – i said i would never have kids – i didnt get my license till i was 20 – i can eat endless amounts of spaghetti – i have a deep love for my old 73 volkswagen – i had my first child at 17 – i love justin bieber – i will woop you in some tony hawk – ive lost most the people i cared about in a matter of a year – i sing way too loudly when i drive – my first house was in the projects and were talking gun fights, hostage situations, all that – i have no patience – i like making things – my house is never clean – i think president bush was a horrible waste of a president – i didnt find out who my “real” dad was till i was 13 and i could have lived without that info – i hate talking on the phone, but ill text you till my hands are raw – i didnt vote because im lazy, but obama is the man – if i watch a PETA video i wont eat meat for weeks – me and the kids celebrate earth hour every year – i love taking pictures – checking the mail completes my day – i miss Florida but not the people – i used to weigh 105 (thanks Chandler!) – im literally a shopaholic – i found my step dad almost dead and never got to say goodbye – i have a balance problem that ive been fighting for 4+ years – my hair has been dyed every color – my daughters middle name is named after our first car, take that for ghetto – my maiden last name is horrific and that im not telling – i went through a goth stage where i wore nothing but black – all of my kids are just about exactly a year apart and non were planned but Jayde – i got a tattoo that i now HATE – i think robert stephens is a genius! if you havent heard him speak google him – i also think most rich people are incredibly selfish – i love gnomes and fought john for years to get me a garden gnome – im not as nice as i typically appear – i met my husband in middle school – i dont like when people sneeze – i also hate parrots – i love reading even though i still dont know how i manage time to do so – i wear a ring that says forever, and my mom has the other half that says always, i had them made after a book she read me when i was a child – i once stole cigarettes from my mom and got busted at school with them – ive had 4 pregnancies – my favorite job ever was when i worked for hewlett packard – i dont like girl friends, i think they are too much work – i think its weird when people go by their last name only – i hate the religious billboards, and hate even more the fact that we cant have anti religion signs – for the record im agnostic not atheist, learn the difference – i will let my kids play halo, and kick your butt online – we own 23 apple computers and adding daily – i love going to antique shops –
There is so much more to come- but thats for later……

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