>Because- I am.


Ive spent years trying to please and impress other people. It caused a ton of stress, a ton of arguments, and a ton of unhappiness.
Then it hit me, who the hell cares. Really. Who cares if I have socks on my floor, if my hair is jacked, if I haven’t cleaned my car in months, if I have secrets, if my childhood was jacked, if I bite my nails, or that I cuss like a sailor. I dont care.

I’m opening up myself, no more holding back- Ive spent the last few months focusing on NOT caring. You wouldn’t believe that Im happy… mostly. Ive sang at the top of my lungs, danced like no was there, spoke up like I didn’t care and smiled because I could!
So from here on, Im not holding my breath, I’m not biting my tongue. If you don’t like what you see or here, look the other way. Because I DONT care what you think…… So you’ve been warned… be ready.
For the REAL Stephanie.
and for those who I offend good riddance!

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