So Ive gotten myself in a situation that I dont know if I can really get out of… atleast not any time soon….. DEBT. BIG TIME!
Its to the point now that I am literally siting in my apartments buisness office snagging some WiFi on my laptop. Now yes– I do look cute hold my little apple laptop all reclined and comfy in this office chair. But I would much rather be at home having a cup of coffee right about now.
So I figure since theres not much more than busting my butt to gather more money to get us caught up… {by friday we should atleast have our internet back up and working} I might as well use this as a opportunity to get caught up on things.

Things like chores, because god knows my to do list is massive! AND most of you that know me even just a little know that I am somewhat of an internet addict. So I plan on using this time to actually spend more time with the fam…. that cannot possibly be a bad thing..
Catch up on my reading…. Im currently reading Dale Carnegie’s How to win friends and Influence people. I know it doesnt sound super cool or what not- but believe it or not its actually an incredible read! I was encouraged to read it during my leadership training at work, and I was surprised that it was really even just about work stuff… its about life in general… anywho amazing read… go grab it really… now.
So back to me… I might be mia till atleast friday- but I encourage my readers to consider doing the same.,.. back off the computer a little and see what you get done- No wait… I challenge you. Spend the time that you would have spent online doing something else and see what you get done…… Lets compare notes on Saturday.

One thought on “>opportunity?

  1. >Hi Stephanie Larry here.I can't let up on the computer now. Like you I have bills to pay so I have to find ways to promote "Up In Smoke". Today we go to a book signing in Kenyon, MN. I tried to make a good contact with the Minnesota Dept. of Edu. But that did not seem to work. As far as getting off the computer I don't have little one's so all I have to do is make sure I spend some quality time with Susan.

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