And we got our shots! Last year we waited till November- and I think we got every “flu” {lol} that went around!!
This year I was on it, we went to the take care clinic- because REALLY who has time to go to the DR any more. So besides dealing with a REALLY moody doctor we were in and out.

To be honest I was shocked how each child responded. Ethan decided to be tough and go first, he sat in the chair, and the second the dr went near him he panicked. Though luckily he gave in quickly and let her give the shot. Then he goes- that didnt hurt.

Jayde went next she sat, all tiny in the chair and had the shot- she squeeked loudly and then said…. where is it? LOL!!
Chandler was last- he FREAKED…. even cried. Poor dude is terrified of shots.
To me I was shocked how each child responded so incredibly different.
Here’s hoping that this flu season will go much smoother than the last…

One thought on “>FLU SEASON IS HERE!!

  1. >It is really good that you have gotten them their shots. H1N1 is quite rampant in the southern hemispher right now. In India it has killed almost 400 people in the last couple of weeks. It is hitting New Zealand, Australia and other countries hard right now,too.The other flu H3N2, is coming back,also. But it is hitting younger people harder, than it's usual targets of the elderly and the very young.

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