>Goodbye Summer break.


This year we enjoyed our very first summer break in Louisville, it flew by. We had so much fun, and it was completely different than any summer before. We ad alot of first. For example, our first summer without the beach and our family {my amazing inlaws did come visit}. Also we had alot of FUN firsts though too.. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking/living them.
Our first summer visit to riverfront water park. It was alot of fun!

We met the Louisville Mommies for the first time at the ice cream social!

We {John} started the insane Apple collection.
{more pictures to come}

We went to the kids first baseball game. Poor Ethan sat near the dug out forever waiting for an autograph, sadly he never got one. Maybe next year.

They visited museums.

Of course we enjoyed parks- ALOT.

We checked out almost all the parks in the area and found alot of faves!

Were sad to see summer break go- but that means its almost time for fall, and school and another season of fun.

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