>We all Blog


I made my kids blogs a while back- mainly just to play around with. Then I got to thinking… Why dont I make them use it. I make them read {well not MAKE- but you know what I mean}

Why not make them write! Have their own personal spot to let their emotions and what not heard. Makes perfect sense. My oldest is 9 and hes been using it a bit, Im trying to encourage the other 2 children to do so as well.

I really think it will improve their computer skills as well as their spelling and such. My youngest is 6, she basically just likes it for the hamster widget {LOL} but Im sure once she is more confident about writing shell write her butt off!
Do your kids blog? What are your opinions on this?

2 thoughts on “>We all Blog

  1. >I think its a great way to have them express & write about things they cant talk about. I think its a fun idea, as long as its not being forced 🙂

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