>Back off Ladies! Hes mine!

>I had my first day at work today- I thought the house would be a hot mess like I left it.

My wonderful, amazing, handsome husband cleaned it! But not like half-assed, completely cleaned it!! How awesome is that?!
Not only did he clean the house but he had FIVE kids, and they were ALL dressed and ready to go to the pool when I got home. I didnt have to do anything when I came home.
So I just wanted to take a moment and brag on him!! Im so lucky! =]

4 thoughts on “>Back off Ladies! Hes mine!

  1. >My husband surprised me by cleaning the house last week while I was hanging out with a friend. All 3 of the kids were here so I have no idea how he managed it LOLhttp://www.southernpixie.com

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