>Its so bad… so very very….


Painfully horribly bad.
Wondering what Im talking about? Its got to be something really bad right?
RIGHT! Shoe shopping. No Im not talking about the cute black heel type shopping, Im talking about three kids under 10 back to school shopping on a budget.
Budget $40 per kid- getting name brand, Nikes Reebok’s adidas type shoes. Getting something they like and I like {most importantly that I like} Easy right? WRONG. First- getting shoes for under $40 is a task in its own, then to try and get something that we can both agree on.
At some point I was terribly wrong. First, my kids are in “big kid” sizes now and all the shoes are like $50+ that in itself is CRAZY! So here is me and my incredibly patient hubs looking through all the shoes trying to find ones we can afford. UGH.

All the while the kids are pulling us in EVERY direction possible, showing us shoes that are SO out of our price range.

By the time it was all said and done Ethan found a cute pair of Jordans for $29 {right on}, Chandler didn’t get any because he cant make up his mind and every pair poor Jayde picked out that we could afford they didnt have in her size!
Quick note to shoe makers…. Why must shoes be so expensive? Its absolutely painful to try and buy shoes for our kids!!! Please lower your prices!
Heres to another day of shoe shopping hell.

4 thoughts on “>Its so bad… so very very….

  1. >I know, what is with the crazy prices? The worst part is that they grow out of them super fast, or they destroy them in no time at all! It drives me crazy to think that I could buy a pair of my own shoes for the same price! And I won't grow out of them in a few months! I really like the picture BTW

  2. >Im heading to Shoe Carnival today- buy one get one half off. (thank god!!!)And attempting it again.(as for the pic i snagged it off stock.xchng =] I love free pics!!

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