>What if.

>This morning, I had the crap scared out of me… almost literally.

As I walked into the kitchen to make my hubs lunch for work, something to my left caught my eye. The back door- it was WIDE OPEN. Naturally I run and grab the hubs, he comes running trying to hold his pants up. Promptly shut and locked the door.
So many thoughts ran through my head- are my boys still here? Did someone take them? {I knew Jayde was ok because she ended up in bed with me} I ran to their room and they were snuggled up together. WHEW- theyre ok. The whole time I was thinking of all the news cases where children were taken from their beds in their sleep.
I know it was only a matter of seconds for me to go from the living room to their bedrooms, but it felt like forever. Luckily the kids and animals were all safe inside.
Our conclusion- Jayde sleep walks and has horrible night terrors, she must have opened the door, thinking that it was my room. The scary part is that our doors open right up to a busy busy road and then onto a train track.
I must have forgot to lock the door when I came in yesterday- making it easier for her to open it. I cant help thinking what if. I have to say I have NEVER been so scared in my entire life.
Lesson learned- check the doors, and then RE-check the doors, and RE- RE check the doors.
Im so glad everyone is ok.

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