>Tiaras and a handful of let down….


Jayde recently saw a commercial for Toddlers & Tiaras, and she asked me to record it so that we could watch it later. Its on TLC so I assume it cannot cause any harm.
Last night Jayde and Ethan sat with me and watched an episode whenever the mom dressed her child in this overly sparkly dress where the poor girl cried because it was so itchy. I dont know if I was more irritated that the mom just said deal with it or that the girl was so whiny.
Later in the show one of the moms dressed her daughter up to mimic the queen from Alice in Wonderland, with this huge deck of cards hung from these sharp metal pieces that fit over her tiny shoulders… She muttered something like “beauty hurts sometimes” Ummm no not when your like 6!!

In a later episode {yes we watched more than one} they showed how much these pageant moms spent on the dresses- the cheapest being $500! Dear lord for $500 I would just make the thing myself! I think in that specific pageant, the max prize was only $1000 for the biggest winner, heck that only covers the dress and probably the make up and hair- what about all the other expenses?

This all leads me to ask- whats in this for the kids? If your the lucky one and your mom networks good then your your daughter is probably one of the lucky ones that wins often, if not your child is probably let down alot… I know just from my daughter watching the show I saw her strutting down the hallway as my boys say “your not as pretty as that one girl”. Really boys??
Most of these little girls’ life dream is to become Miss America, now as cute is that is, shouldnt the parent be saving all that money they are spending on their kids to play dress up for something more important like college? And instilling some better goals like being a doctor or something. Teaching that whole beauty is more than just skin deep thing?
I wont lie- its still scheduled to record on my DVR, but thats only because I for some reason find this incredibly amusing…

7 thoughts on “>Tiaras and a handful of let down….

  1. >Ugh those kind of shows kill me, those moms have some problems! Poor little girls! I agree, with the money they spend on that crap they could have a pretty good college fund..

  2. >I really don't understand those pageants! Not only are they a little creepy, I mean really why does a six year old girl need to dress in the kind of costumes they put them in and slather them with that much make-up, some even wear false teeth! What kind of body image issues are they trying to give these girls? I don't get it! It makes me sad, for the girls and society.LOL not my normal light hearted posts, sorry!

  3. >Hey there, i just stopped by to tell you that i have an award for you waiting at my blog… so please come and grab it will ya:)Stephaniewww.hootiebee.blogspot.com

  4. >Oh Toddlers in Tiara's is totally my dirty little secret. It's mine and my 10 year olds' bonding time. We sit there and pick apart the crazy mothers, and I use so many of the comments as 'teachable' moments saying things like, "Well, maybe she should be more concerned with her inner beauty.That's what matters." Meanwhile, I'm totally like rooting for the girl with the least annoying stage mom! I'm glad you still have it recording! It's good to know I'm not the only one out there!

  5. >LOL @ Sandra! I am totally with you! I remember my daughter commenting on those fake teeth {she just had her front teeth pulled} and she was mortified that these girls had fake teeth- she was worried that she would have to get some… Pff. righhht. not in this life time.

  6. >Ok I haven't watched that but you got me intrigued now! I knew a girl who was a beauty queen as a kid (far from it now) and I went to one with her and her mom. She was much younger than me but those moms are truly crazy backstage! My daughter wanted to be in one when she was around 10. It was a local one and the dress had to be a "Sunday" dress with no sequins, beads, etc. Anyway, I decided not to let her because I was afraid she would like it! 🙂

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