>I cant tell.. but I NEED to…

>Its killing me. When something happens good or bad, I blog. Its my outlet. But this time I cannot blog about it, I mean I can I guess but I would be so vague that it make no sense.For the sake of my sanity Im going to blog it. So please- forgive me for this post that more no doubt make no sense- I just need to get it out….

I AM a good person- say what you will, Im not who you say I am. Not everyone out there is out to get you, there ARE good people out there. But those “bad apples” ruin it for everyone.
Im not the type to be sneaky and take from others things that they have worked hard for. If nothing else my mom did teach me that. If its not yours dont take it. Period.
I do not like people that will go out of their way to hurt others. Even if it means lying.
All it takes is one story to completely tear a person to pieces, and if two people believe the fairy tale- an entire family unit can be destroyed.
Life is too short to spend it dealing with drama. Ive had my summer with my kids completely disrupted, it hurts because I cannot truly focus on them- every second in the back of my mind I think of what if.
I have known since I was a little girl that lifes not fair- but until now I didnt understand the true meaning of that saying until recently.
{I edited this post so many many times to make sure its wasnt something that would “bite me in the ass” because EVERYTHING can and will be used against me, I do apologize if this post makes absolutely NO sense}
Ok… I feel a LITTLE better, as much as I want to call out names, I am bigger and will not stoop to that level, no need to rock two family or what not.
I just wish this type of thing wasnt allowed to happen….

4 thoughts on “>I cant tell.. but I NEED to…

  1. >Sorry to hear you are going through a really tough time right now. I will say a little prayer for you for things to get better! Why is life so hard sometimes? Hang in there girl!

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