>My difficult child


Cute isnt he?

He’s my 8 year old Ethan. My middle child. I know shouldn’t say it, but hes my heart- hes always been somewhat of a trouble child. I chalked it up to him being the middle child, atleast thats what everyone always told me.

Though over this summer Ive noticed him becoming very- hard to deal with. No matter how hands on I am, he still seems to beg for the attention even if it means getting himself in alot of trouble. He will purposely do things that he knows will get him in trouble. Even flat out ignore me.
Im tearing my hair out here trying to figure out what he needs- what am I missing that would make him listen, and act like my other kids.
Im asking for much needed help here if anyone has any advice- I could greatly use it. Before my home turns into total chaos.

10 thoughts on “>My difficult child

  1. >Maybe something is really bothering him? I would suggest you take a day or few hours were you spend some time with just him and talk to him about what is going on with him. Ask him why he feels like he has to act out so much and if there is anything that is bothering him. Hopefully talking to him about it all will help.

  2. >Thanks for the input- I really just try to be fair and equal to them all, its just so so hard. Especially since they are all so close in age- They are really competitive.

  3. >I know this all too well. My 9 yr old step son has really had problems the last year. Lying, back talking, not doing as asked, threatening me even that he will have his mother (birth mother) come after me. We just started doing a weekly behavior chart and if he does well, we take him for ice cream (or something else small). If he doesn't do well, I sit him down and explain what needs to change and as a consequence he has to hand over a DS game until behavior improves.I also agree with Brandy–have you ever had a day where it is just yourself and your son? Try it–you won't believe how good it is for their soul to know they have 100% mommy time. Sorry for the book–just found your blog and I love it!!Good luck!

  4. >Ill be honest I havent taken him aside- though I think that it is a wonderful idea- and I will do it asap. For him AND me. Because I dont know how much longer I can take this.

  5. >Well I don't have kids but I have read that they do this to get a reaction. Once they stop getting the reaction they are looking for they stop. So whatever reaction you are giving him right now, change it, and set up some kind of consequences for this behavior and enforce them immediately every time no questions asked. Kids should not run a house, the parents should.PussDaddy

  6. >I definately agree with individual time. We make a point for each of us to have mommy or daddy time with each girl alone. Even if it's thirty minutes or an hour, they really enjoy. We are so AMAZED at the difference in personalities of our girls when it's just one on one. (We actually like them then lol)I would definately also consider implementing some consequences to the negative behavior. If he notices you giving him more attention when he is acting up, he may keep acting up. If he sees less attention when he is showing negative behavior and more attentiong when he is good, hopefully he will go the right way. That may mean overemphasizing the time and attention when appropriate behavior is present (but make sure the attention in genuine).

  7. >thanks puss and Tracie-I did sit down with the hubs and Ethan last night and we talked. He did say he wanted to play more. So I am going to try my hardest to spend one on one time with him {or course as well as the others}As well as trying to not reward the bad behavior with my attention. Because I think hes feeding off of that. Boy kids can be so hard sometime- its nice to see though that I have friends who are smart and can help me =]

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