>I didnt do it… but I feel like I should


pass this along.. Everyone needs to see the extent of the damage BP has caused.. these pictures are beautifully painful.
We were watching Kevin Perira (SP?) from G4 and his special on the oil spill- the kids sat, sad, and mesmerized by all the terror caused by BP. They dont understand the extent of it all, but you can tell by the looks in their little eyes that something horrible has happened. We all sat silent and watch {which is rare in a house with 3 little ones} and thats when I knew something wasnt right- even so young and ignorant they knew.
Now when we go by BP by our house… we BOO {to put it lightly!}.
Isnt this photo beautiful? How sad that it is of a truly terrible event…..

Sad. If you get a chance please check out BP Slick the blog . Thats where I found these breathtaking photos…

One thought on “>I didnt do it… but I feel like I should

  1. >Just thought this was interesting and some thing to think abouthttp://www.examiner.com/x-3555-LA-Independent-Examiner~y2010m6d2-Lets-stop-blaming-BP-for-the-oil-spill-in-the-Gulf-I-know-who-the-real-culprit-is

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