>Weekend review…..

>Boy this week didn’t go at all as planned.

Monday- We were just getting the boy’s physicals for school. Planning on all going well. wrong. They sent us to get Xrays for Ethan because hes so tiny. Basically the bone tests said he was 7 years old instead of 8.5. So on Monday the Dr will see us again and let us know how we should address it. Rather it be, diet or growth hormone or something else. {hoping its nothing}
Tuesday- Was court– still cant go into detail. But it did go as planned, thanks crazies.
Wednesday- The kids were supposed to leave for Florida with the Grandparents, well things came up and they cant go to Florida with them. So I have them all summer, kinda sucks because me and the hubs were hoping to get a little time alone- since we dont know anyone here its hard to have any alone time. Either way things happen and now I get to enjoy my munchkins for the summer.
Thursday- I had to go to my doctor for a follow up on my blood tests- turns out it wasnt just my liver blood levels that werent right. Also my sugar was very hugh borderline diabetic, and my white blood cell count was low. So basically watch what I eat {lose some weight Im sure}
I have to go back every month for the next few months to watch my liver levels to determine what to do.
Friday- No big bad bill stress, or atleast less of it, hubs got bonus to keep us floating above water for the next month.. whew.
Ok, so this next week better be a little less eventful.. please.

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