>Five Question Friday!


1. What is one thing you miss the most about childhood?
Being completely care free. The most stressful thing I would worry about would be what toy to play with next. No bills, no mean people, no stress!

2. Are you still friends with your friends from high school?
Acquaintances thats about it. I keep up with them on facebook and occasionally “LIKE” something they do. Totally different interests now- totally different type of lives.

3. Is there a catch phrase, cliche, or word that just drives you bonkers every time you hear it?
“get out of dodge” and “it is what it is” UGH they drive me mad.

4. What is one thing that you think symbolizes America…besides “Old Glory”?
The statue of liberty, I think that is right up there with “old glory” as far as symbolism.

5. What are your 4th of July weekend plans?
Visiting some people who the hubs work with out in the um “country”. There will surly be a blog later about this! Boy the things that happen in that area absolutely amaze me!!


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