>I am a bad mom.


This past Saturday me and the hubs were trying to find some “kids eat free” restaurants. Needless to say there are very few- I know that the hubs wanted a chicken sandwich {yeah right} from Hooters, and just so happens that it was kids eat free day. So I offer {wtf i know} to go.

I could tell from the moment that we walked in that I was the worlds worst mom EVER! I felt like I had just took my kids into a strip club. We had to seat our selves {sign #1 that I’m in a classy place} ever where I looked were half naked ladies, and not ONE other child. If I could have left I would- but naturally since I volunteered to go, I had to hold up my deal.

So the entire time I have little beads of stress on my forehead as I look around praying that another horrible mom will come in and expose her kids to this… naturally not one comes in. Between that and trying to make eye contact with the waitress who has the girls all out on display, without blushing. I *thought* I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to go, but the shorts are smaller and the shirts are tighter than I remembered.
My question is, do you take your kids to Hooters? I REALLY want to hear your input on this one. I know personally I will NEVER be taking my kids back. I feel like I exposed them to something they shouldnt have been.

5 thoughts on “>I am a bad mom.

  1. >I have never been to Hooters, but you are the adult and help your children make choices. It does not make you a BAD parent at all. You just want your kids to eat FREE. Don't we all want something free.

  2. >I guess technically if it is legal then it is ok for them to be there. Maybe your question is if it is morally right for them to be there, which is hard to say as different people have different morals and different thresholds of tolerance.PussDaddy

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