>Break the debate.

>I’ll make it short and sweet- and promise not matter how you choose- Ill still like you.

Is being a vegetarian safe for an 8 year old?

8 thoughts on “>Break the debate.

  1. >Buy the book "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron. She's a vegetarian and raised all of her children that way. Incidentally, I'm not but I found her book very useful for a neurotic first-time mom who had NO IDEA how to feed a baby after baby food stage (that would be me – *hangs head in shame*).

  2. >Been a vegetarian most of my life, raised all my kids vegetarian. Boys all grew big and strong. Just think the biggest land animal on land (the elephant) is a vegetarian!I belong to a church (mainstream Protestant) that being vegetarian is encouraged because we believe that our bodies are to be treated with respect as they are an amazing gift from God. Being vegetarian has proven to make us some of the longest lived Americans there are!Do your research, I'm sure you will come to the conclusion that countless of studies have that not only is being a vegetarian healthy but actually better for you!Here is a link to what National Geographic Magazine has to say about one of the longest lived populations in Americahttp://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/longevity/preview/daily_vid.htmlKim

  3. >I believe it is totally safe. I have five kids (now all teens or older) and I have also worked as a nanny for so many years. Food and what they ear or do not eat is an easy way for kids that age to start being in control of something in their lives… I would suggest supporting it.. yet.. encouraging her to study some about it. Take this chance to talk to her about safe eating habits.. not for or against any one thing.. but.. about eating healthy in general and about researching choices before she makes them and learning to make smart choices.

  4. >I have no idea but I would guess that yes it would be as long as there is a good variety of foods that get them all their needed nutrition.

  5. >I cannot begin to express my supprize of all the support from you guys!! He goes to the Dr on Monday to see if its "safe" and to get recommendations- but Ill of course blog to you guys. thanks for all the support it means the world to me!!

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