>Gnome Friends!


This Gnomeville Halter Dress by JMB Three Designs was the inspiration for this entire post! I love the fabric and design so very very much! It just makes me happy looking at this!! I hope you guys will take a chance and check out this dress along with all the other awesome Gnome items below

I adore this Gnoming Around Gnome Ecofriendly Reusable snack bag by Sack Savers. They also have a bunch of other designs that would surely fit your needs, but these little guys are my favorite.

I especially enjoy this Woodland Name Print- Personalized Archival Gicleee Print by Ink Tree Press Art. Theyre is a full line of these- ABC’s and 123’s! LOVE IT!!

Aren’t these the cutest gnome keychains super cute? Id love both of them for my keychain. FantasticToys has so many crazy cute items in their shop. I think I want one of each!

I love this 4 season Cone Gnome set of 4 by Cutesypoo!! I dont know about you guys but I really would leave these out all year!


4 thoughts on “>Gnome Friends!

  1. >hey nice blog post. i love the gnomes key chains, its one of the best i have seen they are just cuties. I was wondering if you guys also deal with <a href="personalized_name_keychains_and_unique_keyrings.php> personalized name keychains</a> if so please get back to me.

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