>Behavior modification TUT!!!!


I’m not even going to try and take all the credit for this amazing idea, I found it in Family Fun magazine and decided to modify it to make it work for my family.
Heres the idea: A Jar or container per child, a chore jar and something shiney to fill the jars with. For each chore the child does he/she gets a point AKA something shiney. If he/she dont complete the chore correctly they lose the amount of points from their jar that they would have recieved. If they are caught doing something bad they lose points, or if they do something good I can randomly give them points if their caught doing something nice. Once their jar is filled he/she gets to choose something special, movie with mom/dad, game time, trip to the pool etc, the rewards are endless.
What you need:
Scrapbook paper
Jars/container of some sort
Popsicle sticks
Mod Podge
Permanent Marker
Something shiney {Buttons, jewels,etc}
I started by picking out some super cute scrapbook paper from Michaels that was on the clearance rack . I found the Mason like jars at Michaels as well
I started by taking the inside circle out of the lid and applied Mod Podge to it then of course added the scrapbook paper and let it dry then used an Exacto knife to cut it to get the paper a nice clean cut. Leaving them looking like this.

I then got the popsicle sticksand applied Mod Podge and let them dry. Once they were dried I used the exacto knife to cut the excess paper.

Then I flipped them over and wrote chores on them and the number of “points” they would get for the chore, depending on its difficulty.

Then I put them in the jar labeled “chores”. Ready for the kids to pick from!

See? Chores Jar!

I took all of them and lined them up on my kitchen counter. As you can see the kids have already earned some “points”.

I put their initial on the top of each jar. So far they are completely digging the idea!!

The jars are cute on my kitchen counter and easy to get to.. but I plan on dressing them up a little with some ribbon, and felt on the bottom so they wont slide on my counter.
I hope this tut makes sense and works for you like it has for us!

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